Sustainability Values

How does Lilydale Books adopt a sustainable approach in their daily operations?

Lilydale Books has always been an environmentally conscious business since our inception 35 years ago. However, we are always reflecting on our business practices and assessing where we can improve to reduce our carbon footprint. We also reach out to our educational suppliers to encourage and provide feedback on where they could possibly revise their methods (eg packaging, recycled paper, use of plastic wrapping etc.).

Here is a snapshot of some of the practices implemented at Lilydale Books that embrace our vision of operating as a sustainable business:


→ We reduce the amount of packaging used by packing orders in appropriately sized boxes.

→ Deliveries made to schools are packed in one box (clearly labelled with receipts) rather than putting items in individual packaging.

→ We encourage all schools to direct parents to view and purchase their Booklists through our website. Reducing the need to print hard copy Booklists.

→ We reduce the amount of general waste in our office by having reusable items such as containers, cups, crockery etc. We are also mindful what we bring into the office from home, adopting the “nude food” approach and having little to no excess packaging.

→ We have solar panels installed in our warehouses to reduce carbon emissions.


→ We love to see books have a second life. Although we have ceased our in-store second hand book service, we continue to offer a second hand buying and selling day at participating schools.

→ We encourage our customers to return their brown paper bags to the store where we can reuse them.

→ We do not use plastic bags at Lilydale Books. Customers can purchase reusable ILF bags for $2. All the proceeds from the sale of these reusable bags go straight to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. Alternatively, paper bags or cardboard boxes can be provided at no extra cost to you.

→ We reuse good quality cardboard boxes for packing and storage.


→ Lilydale Books has implemented a recycling system in the office where all waste (paper/cardboard, plastic, general waste) is disposed of properly, including compost.

→ We repurpose furniture where possible.

→ Where we do not repurpose items that are still in good condition, we donate items to local charities such as Brotherhood of St Laurence who will repurpose and assist those in need.

→ We endeavour to purchase everyday office necessities from businesses that are renowned for recycling materials and make a positive contribution to society.

→ We use and stock Micador products from their “green eARTH” range which have been designed to have significant environmental benefits.

→ It doesn’t stop at stationery! You will find even our toilet paper is 100% recycled. We are happy to support the work of Who Gives a Crap where 50% of their proceeds go towards building toilets for those in need

→ Envirofill, or the foam fluff used in some of our packaging is completely biodegradable and the boxes, paper bags, packing tape and Quikpaks we purchase for our company can all be recycled/made from recycled materials.