Secondhand Books Discontinued

Last Updated - November 2021

Lilydale Books has come to the decision to discontinue our Second Hand Book service. This decision was made after careful consideration, taking into account the following factors. 

  • The ongoing concern of Covid-19.  We want to minimise customer numbers instore and encourage online purchases. This will reduce the health and safety risk to customers, staff and the wider community. 
  • Purchasing second hand books is no longer as economically viable for customers. With the growing demand for digital access or value packs, second hand books are often not a cheaper option, especially when considering the cost of reactivating the eBook component. 

For those looking to sell or donate their second hand books we recommend contacting “Sustainable School Shop” or consider Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree. 

Lilydale Books will be working with schools to offer them the option of a Second Hand Book Buying and Selling Day. This will be offered to our partnering schools.

We know during these times families need help more than ever therefore Lilydale books will once again be offering free shipping on orders over $200 per student until mid-December. We will also provide additional store vouchers to schools for distribution to those who need them. 

The service has been running for over 35 years and this decision was not made lightly. We appreciate your understanding. 


Current Secondhand Consignments 

If you have a Second Hand Consignment from 2019/2020, it will be valid for an additional 3 years. Books that are obsolete will be donated or recycled as per our consignment terms and conditions.  Consignments are always checked in store, not over the phone.


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A website dedicated to a selection of our second hand books will be coming soon!