New ATAR Notes Text Guides

New ATAR Notes Text Guides – Available Now!

29th May, 2020  |  3 minute read

ATAR Notes Text Guides will equip you with the tools needed to write an informed and detailed essay. They cover everything you need to know, with a focus on what examiners look for in an outstanding text response. Written by past high achieving Year 12 English students, these books do the hard work for you: condensing all the important details in your text and providing you with sophisticated analysis you can use in your own essays.

 Some of the key features of the ATAR Notes Text Guides:

- A thorough summary and analysis of the entire text
- Insightful dissections of the characters, key themes, and structural features
- A comprehensive quote bank with chapter references
- Exemplary sample essays with commentary designed to help you increase your marks
- Highlighted vocabulary words to learn and integrate
- Valuable advice from high-scoring former students who shares their tips and tricks for success

6 New Text Guides are now available in addition to the extensive range. These new titles include:

In Cold Blood
Year of Wonders
To Kill a Mockingbird
Much Ado About Nothing
Billy Elliot
Station Eleven


More titles coming soon – Things Fall Apart, Ariel, Selected Poems: William Wordsworth.

Are you looking for a resource that will help you write a thorough essay around Year of Wonders?

Do you require further help understanding your Shakespeare text?

You might have the summary of In Cold Blood straight, but are you able to dissect the key themes, features and characters?


ATAR Notes is here to help!

ATAR Notes are established market leaders in creating high quality study material. All the products in the ATAR Notes range have been authored by students who have scored 40 or more in VCE English, with VCE students in mind. This means they are written in a way that students can understand, when the explanation from the teacher just isn’t enough.

Exciting right? Browse the full range of ATAR Notes Text Guides here.

Looking for something more?

The ATAR Notes range is perfect for those who want to take their essays to the next level or for those who simply need something extra when they struggle to understand the content in class.

Other resources available include Complete Course Notes & Topic Tests for a range of both VCE and HSC subjects. Analysis Guides which focus on advice for reading and analysing genres such as poetry, novels and films and Survival Guides for VCE, HSC, QCE and University.

The UCAT Guide & Getting into Medicine is also available, perfect for those wanting to study Medicine after high school. This resource provides detailed advice and practice questions covering each UCAT section, written by top Medicine students.




Students can get ahead in their studies with the complete range of ATAR Notes.

Purchase your copies from Lilydale Books today!

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